Thai Massage

thai massage

Thai massage is a modern name given in the therapy that was ever performed since the time when Buddha existed. It has been asserted by many that unlike the western ways of massage that are superficial, Thai massage concentrated on the deepest healing of the stress and tension from the body.

The massage focuses on the better circulating of the pressure point and promotes the muscles flexible and better internal health. The treatment under the Thai massage begins with the feet and gradually moves to the upper body parts finally reaching towards the head. The entire body is divided into four positions and then different types of exercise take place. Depending on the stress level, different types of pressure are applied and based on the earlier Ayurveda, the massage helps to balance one’s energy. Many strokes on the different body parts are also applied to release the tension from the different body parts. The therapist puts the entire effort to make your body feel better with the released tension and stress.