Swedish Massage

swedish massage

Swedish Massage is synonymous to the word relaxation and uses different techniques to relax and calm down the stressed muscles of the body. The massage is performed by applying a lotion or oil on the body and gently the therapist stroke the muscles from the lowest force to the extreme one.

Healing the stress, your mind and body going through is one of the important areas of concern of the Swedish massage and it has been asserted that merely an hour of the massage can lower the stress by decreasing the heart rate and cutting the insulin and the cholesterol in the body. The Swedish massage is also known to improve the blood circulation in the body as the different techniques and strokes used through the session helps facilitating the blood pressure through the congested area and allow the new blood to flow in the body. The therapist releases the tension from the muscles and the body by the special techniques that are known only to them and many have reported that post the massage session, they feel as if they have undergone a complete rejuvenation therapy.